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Our nurseries

We believe that learning through play and exposure to new experiences is a vital aspect of a child's development. The activities which your child initiates are just as important a learning experience as the ones which are planned in nursery. The main learning at nursery comes from the interactions between your child and the other children and adults, from exploration and investigation, rather than creating an end product.

We see parents as their child's first educator and welcome all involvement because we realise the importance and the value of your role.

Please see how we enhance the learning and the development of children who have additional needs.

We are affiliated to Sing and Sign, Britain's longest running, and award-winning baby signing programme - developed with the help of Speech and Language Experts. We use music and songs to help teach the simple gestures/hand shapes or signs - which babies and toddlers love! We use signs everyday with the little ones, allowing this form of communication to blossom across the settings.

Sing Signtransparentlogo

Sing Signtransparentlogo

How First Steps supports children with special educational needs and works in partnership with their families.

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After School and Holiday Sessions