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Why fundraising is so crucial

As a registered charity and social enterprise we are passionate about providing opportunities to improve the life chances of local young children who are at risk of being disadvantaged by poverty and family circumstances. We strive to use the income to maximise a positive social impact for children and families in Bath.

Your donations, however big or small, can make a huge difference and so we would, therefore, appreciate you taking the time to find out about one of the many ways in which you could support us.

Our focus for 2020-2021

For 2020-2021, our main focus for fundraising is centred around the following:

  1. Supporting the care and education of children with special educational needs - £20,400
  2. Providing free meals - £16,000
  3. Early identification and support for children with Special Educational Needs, 'The Thrive approach' £5,000
  4. Trips and activities £7,000
  5. Sensory experiences and activities for children attending the Early Years Specialist Service at BOP £12,250
  6. Partnership with Parents; Early Years Practitioner led group sessions £1,515
  7. Bursary to pay for an Early Years Practitioner to embark on further studies, developing future Early Years Leaders. £25,581

Download our 2020/21 fundraising flyer:

First Steps Fundraising Flyer

Why not become part of First Steps Family?

If you would like to make a one off donation please complete the Gift Aid form

Regular giving ensures that young children living in areas of high need receive the best start in life. This reverses the cycle of poverty in our local community. Please complete our regular giving form.